Ladies want a boyfriend who can easily say " Yeah thats my girlfriend . " ♥

Girl : " How much do you love me ? " Boy : " Count the stars " Girl : " Thats impossible " Boy : " So is explaining how much I love you "

She comes off as strong , but maybe she fell asleep crying . She acts like nothing is wrong , but maybe she's just really good at lying . Yep , thats ME .

My smile doesnt always mean 'Im happy' . Most of the time it means 'I can manage' , or it just means 'Im tired of crying' .

I didn’t stop loving you . I just decided to stop showing it . Because no matter how much I tried , you just wouldn’t get it .

Im not sick of living my life . Im sick of broken promises , dramas , hypocrites , fakers , backstabbers , liars , and heart - breakers .

One of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make is when to stay and try harder and when to just take your memories and walk away.

I miss you , so much .

love and kisses :)
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